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Sterek AU: Derek has a run in with a Witch and is all but friendly towards her. Insulted, the Witch casts a spell over Derek and suddenly Derek is far more…pleasant to be around. Stiles hears from Scott about Derek’s new odd behavior and goes to check it out for himself. And if he stays for fresh squeezed lemonade it’s only to learn more about the suspicious behavior and nothing to do with Derek’s bright smile.

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There are some things you can’t share without ending up l i k i n g each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.

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YA Masterpost (Sortof)



After the destruction of the original Avengers, there was doubt that another superhero group would come together again- until a group of young teen heroes, each with a special connection to a member of the original Avengers, appears. Despite attempts by Captain America, Iron Man, and others to stop them, believing that the younger team would be in too much danger, the Young Avengers gather more members and continue. The diverse team of young heroes find their own way to deal with relationships, civil wars, alien invasions, and discovering their own connections to the previous Avengers as well as working to earn respect from the remaining members.

NOTE: Fans of YA are likely to enjoy Runaways

Please support the official release. This post is intended to attract attention to the series. Buy when you can and support the writers and artists!

Volumes are uploaded/arranged in the order in which they should be read. Everything was re-uploaded via mediafire, so let me know when I need to renew the links. Make sure to check the original post for updated links. Please let me know about any mistakes. 

Updated 4/18/14


———- Young Avengers

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X) 6 (X)

7 (X) 8 (X) 9 (X) 10 (X) 11 (X) 12 (X)

1-6 (X)

7-12 (X)

———- Young Avengers Special (read after YA Issue 8)


———- Young Avengers/Runaways: Civil War

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X)

1-4 (X)

———- Young Avengers Presents

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X) 6 (X)

1-3 (X)

4-6 (X)

———- Young Avengers/Runaways: Secret Invasion

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X)

1-3 (X)

———- Young Avengers: Dark Reign

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X)

1-5 (X)

———- Young Avengers: Siege


———- Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade 

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X) 6 (X) 7 (X) 8 (X) 9 (X)

1-5 (X)

6-9  (X)

Iron Lad One-shot (X) (Read after CC issue 04)

———- Young Avengers: Volume 02

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X) 6 (X) 7 (X) 8 (X) 9 (X)

10 (X) 11 (X) 12 (X) 13 (X) 14 (X) 15 (X)

1-5 (X) 6-10 (X) 11-15 (X)


Avengers Fairytales- 1-3 (X)

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X

I Am An Avenger- 1-5 (X)

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X)

Marvel Civil War- 1-7 (X)

1 (X) 2 (X) 3 (X) 4 (X) 5 (X) 6 (X) 7 (X)

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The scene in the train station where a young boy smiles at Cyclops and he smiles back was unplanned. The boy was a huge X-Men fan, and Cyclops was his favorite. The scene originally called for Cyclops to look at the train schedule, but according to Bryan Singer the boy could not stop smiling at James Marsden. Finally, during one shot, Marsden just looked back at him and smiled, much to the boy’s delight. Bryan Singer liked the idea so much, he kept it in the film

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Only one of you can ascend to the throne, but both of you were born to be kings.

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Reasons to watch Orphan Black
[2/Felix “Fee” Dawkins

"Fine. I thought you might want a blowjob." - Felix Dawkins

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is accepted by the cast of Once Upon a Time.

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i don’t know what to believe

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Sherlock + text posts

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One of my favorite Bobby lines.

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Hot Single Dad Derek Hale giving himself an internal mirror pep-talk just before the first time he sleeps with Stiles and it’s been a ~while since he’s been with someone

"You have a lot to offer."
"He said a lot of nice things about your butt."
"Even if it’s a one night stand it’s still progress."
"You’re a tax-paying adult and do not need the validation."
"Just because his lips make you regress to your preteen stammer doesn’t mean he owns you."
"He’s a good guy and not out to fuck you up."
"Stop writing this off before it’s over."
"Sweaty palms do not mean love."

*knocks* “Derek? Everything okay?”

Oh god oh god





Robin Williams street art tribute off Melrose in LA on 17 August 2014




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